AE插件-画面干扰破损像素分离效果 Glitchify Win/Mac + 使用教程


AE插件-画面干扰破损像素分离效果 Glitchify Win/Mac + 使用教程能够模拟出 像素分离,RGB色彩分离,像素块移位,画面破解变换等多种信号干扰效果,支持CS6或者更高版本AE

Glitchify is the latest and greatest from Cinema Spice. A full featured digital glitch and degeneration effect.

What makes Glitchify unique and amazing, is that not only does it look great when you first apply the effect, you can tweak ever setting to its fullest potential. This makes for ultimate customizability. With a combination of many different glitch effects you can build it as big or small as you need. Things like pixel sort, channel scale, RGB split, block shift, transform glitch and many more.