C4D R18运动图形Mograph全面入门培训课程Pluralsight – Cinema 4D Mograph Fundamentals


C4D R18运动图形Mograph全面入门培训课程Pluralsight – Cinema 4D Mograph Fundamentals

你将学习Cinema 4D Mograph工具并如何在实践中使用它们。首先,您将了解Cinema 4D R18的Mograph模块——生成器、克隆、效果器以及如何将它们组合在一起。接下来,您将探索几个不同的真实场景,这将使您有机会更深入地使用特定的工具,使用C4D r18的新功能Voronoi Fracture,程序化将对象分解成碎片,并使之崩溃。在spline路径上克隆一群对象,并使用具有动态特性的继承效果器,将它们汇聚成一个徽标。最后,您将学习如何使用声音效果器来对任何音乐或声音剪辑做出反应,以及如何使用音频效果器来创建一个3D像素化动画效果。当你完成这门课程的时候,您将有一个强大的基础来创建运动图形动画,并使用C4D R18的Mograph工具创建您自己的优秀动画。软件要求:Cinema 4D R18。

In this course, Cinema 4D Mograph Fundamentals, you'll be introduced to Cinema 4D's Mograph tools and learn how to utilize them in practice. First, you'll learn a basic overview of the fundamental building blocks of Cinema 4D's Mograph module - generators, cloners, effectors, and how to use them together. Next, you'll explore several different real-world scenarios, which will give you a chance to get more in-depth with specific tools, while creating animations similar to real design challenges. Some of these scenarios will include using C4D r18's new Voronoi Fracture object to procedurally break something into pieces and make it crumble, cloning a swarm of objects along a spline path, and using the Inheritance Effector with dynamics to form them into a logo. Finally, you'll learn how to use the Sound Effector to make things react to any music or sound clip, and how to use the Volume Effector to create a 3D pixelated animation effect. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a solid understanding of some of the most powerful and widely-used motion design tools in the industry. You'll have a great foundation for creating robust animations, and creating your own awesome animations using Cinema 4D R18's Mograph tools. Software required: Cinema 4D R18